Own Journals :

1. Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences(ISSN 0252-2667) 
2. Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics (ISSN 0972-0502)
3. Journal of Statistics & Management Systems (ISSN 0972-0510)
4. Journal of Discrete Mathematical Sc. & Cryptography(ISSN 0972-0529)
5. Journal of Dynamical Systems & Geometric Theories(ISSN 1726-037X)
6. Collnet Journal of Scientometrics & Information Management
Some other Journals from India which we can supply:
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AAKROSH-Asian Journal of Terrorism & Internal Conflicts

Acta Anthropogenetics

Acta Botanica Indica

Acta Ciencia Indica

Acta Limnologica Indica

Administrative Change

Administrator (The)

Adv. Abs. of Contrib. on Fisheries & Acquatic Sc. in India

Advances in Agriculture (CS Azad Uni of Ag & Tech)

Advances in Biosciences

Advances in Forestry Research in India

Africa Diary

Africa Quarterly

African Recorder

Afro-Asian Jnl of Ophthalmology

Ageing & Society-Indian Jnl of Gerontology

Agra Univ. Journal of Research - Science

Agricultural and Biological Res.

Agricultural Engineer (The)

Agricultural Engineering Today

Agricultural Research Communications

Agricultural Research Journal of Kerala

Agricultural Research Newsletter

Agricultural Reviews

Al Basheer

Aligarh Bulletin of Mathematics

All India Services Law Journal


Ancient Science of Life

Andhra Agricultural Journal

Animal Citizen

Annals of Agricultural Research

Annals of Arid Zone

Annals of Biology

Annals of Entomology

Annals of Forestry

Annals of National Academy of Medical Sc. India

Annals of Plant Physiology

Annals of Zoology

Annual Research Memoirs of Cwprs, Khadakwasla

Anthropologist (The)


Applied Biological Research

Appropriate Technology Documentation Bulletin

ARCC Karnal List of Journals

Architects News

Architecture & Design

Art India Magazine

Artha Vijnana

Artha Vikas


Asian-African Journal of Economics and Econometrics

Asian Economic Review

Asian Jnl of Economics & Soc. Studies

Asian Journal of Psychology & Education

Asian Journal of Spectroscopy

Asian Journal of Vocation and Formation

Asian News Digest

Asian Recorder

Asian Social Science Bibliography

Atira Technical Digest

Atlas of Diatoms

Aviation Medicine Journal

Awishkar (Hindi)

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Balvant Vidyapeeth Journal of Agr. & Sc. Research

Bangalore Theological Forum

Baroda Journal of Nutrition

Behavioral Sciences & Rural Development

Bepha Bulletin

Bharatiya Vidya


Biochemical & Allied Research In India

Biochemical Reviews


Biological Bulletin of Indian

Biological Memoirs



Biosystematics & Survey


Birsa Agrl Uni-Jnl of Research

Bombay Hospital Journal

Bona Mathematica

Book Reviews in Public Administration


Botanical Records And Monographs


Buddhist Studies Journal

Bulletin of Botanical Society (Uni Saugar)

Bulletin of Botanical Society of Bengal (now J. of National Bot. Soc.)

Bulletin of Calcutta Mathematical Society

Bulletin of Calcutta Statistical Association

Bulletin of Cultural Research Institute

Bulletin of Deccan College

Bulletin of Electrochemistry

Bulletin of Entomology

Bulletin of Grain Technology

Bulletin of The Indian Archaeological Society

Bulletin of Indian Geologists Association

Bulletin of Indian Instt. of History of Medicine

Bulletin of Indian Phytopathological Society (IARI)

Bulletin of Indian Soc. of Earthquake Tech.

Bulletin of Indian Society of Soil Science

Bulletin of Materials Science

Bulletin of Mathematical Association of India

Bulletin of NGRI

Bulletin of Oil & Natural Gas Commission

Bulletin of Pure & Applied Sciences

Bulletin of Radiation Protection

Bulletin of Ramakrishna Mission Instt of Culture

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Calcutta Historical Journal

Cane Growers Bulletin (Now - Indian Sugar Crops Journal)

Cashew 'The'

CBRI Abstracts

Cecidologica Indica

Cell & Chromosome Research

Cement Research Institute Abstracts

Cheetal - Journal of Wild Life Preservation Soc of India


Chemical Weekly

Chess Mate

China Report

Cinema in India

Civil & Military Law Journal

Civil Engg. Const. & Public Works

Clay Research

Climate Control

Cochin University Law Review


Comparative Physiology & Ecology

Computer Society of India - Newsletter

Constitution & Parliamentary Studies

Construction Journal of India

Contributions to Indian Sociology (New Series)

Convergence - Journal on Environmental & Energy

Cooperative Law Journal

Corporate Environment Inc.

Cotton Development

Crop Improvement

Crop Physiology

Crop Research

Cultural Forum

Cultural Research Institute, Calcutta

Current Agriculture

Current Research

Current Research on Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

Current Science

Current Titles in Electrochemistry

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Deccan Geographer


Defence Science Journal

DESIDOC Bulletin of Information Technology

Development Policy & Administration Review

Differential Equations & Dynamical

Doon Theological Journal

Down To Earth

Drugs & Pharmaceuticals - Current Indian Titles

Drugs & Pharmaceuticals - Current Highlights (R&D)

Drugs & Pharmaceuticals - Industry Highlights

Drugs & Pharmaceuticals - Patents Awareness Bulletin

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Eastern Anthropologist (The)

Eastern Archives of Ophthalmology

Ecology, Environment & Conservation

Economic and Political Weekly

Electrical India

Electronic Application News (Phillips)

Electronics Information & Planning

Energy Digest

Energy Management

Engineering Design


Environment and Ecology

Envis Bulletin

Ephrem's : Theological Journal


Experiments in Education

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Far East Jnl of Math. Sciences

Farm Bulletins of Cimap, Lucknow

Finance India

Financing Agriculture

Fishery Technology

Food Digest

Food Patents

Food Technology Abstracts

Forage Research, Hissar

Foreign Trade Review


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Gandhi Marg


Ganita Bharati

Gastroenterology Today

Gender, Technology and Development


Geobios New Reports

Geographical Review of India

Geophysical Research Bulletin


Geoscience Journal

Global Technoscan

Glory of India

Gondwana Geological Magazine

Green and Glory

Guar Newsletter

Guardian (The)

Guide to Current Literature in Env. Health Engg. & Sc.

Guide to Indian Periodical Literature

Gujarat Agricultural Uni. Research Journal

Gujarat Statistical Review

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Hamlet Studies

The Harp

Harvester (The)

Haryana Journal of Horticultural Research/Science

Haryana Veterinarian

HAU Journal of Research

Herald of Library Science

Himachal Agricultural Newsletter

Himachal Horticulture

Himachal Journal of Agricultural Research


Himalayan Jnl of Env. & Zoology

Himalayan Plant Journal

Homoeopathic Sandesh

Humanist Outlook

HUMEA, Field Ornithology

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Iaslic Bulletin


IIPA Newsletter

ILA Bulletin

Index to Product Profiles At Sendoc

India Quarterly

India Speaks

Indian Advocate

Indian Agriculturist

Indian Anthropologist

Indian Architect & Builder

Indian Bar Review ( Form:- Journal of Bar Council of India)

Indian Biological Journal

Indian Botanical Contactor

Indian Cashew Journal

Indian Church History Review

Indian Cocoa, Arecanut & Spices Journal

Indian Coconut Journal

Indian Coffee

Indian Concrete Journal

Indian Dairy Man

Indian Economic and Social History Review

Indian Economic Diary

Indian Economic Review

Indian Educational Review

Indian Fern Journal

Indian Food Industry

Indian Forester

Indian Geographical Journal

Indian Historical Review

Indian Journal of Acarology

Indian Journal of Administrative Science

Indian Journal of Adult Education

Indian Journal of Agricultural Biochem.

Indian Journal of Agricultural Chemistry

Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics

Indian Journal of Agricultural Research

Indian Journal of Agronomy

Indian Journal of Allergy & Applied Immunology

Indian Journal of American Studies

Indian Journal of Anaesthesia

Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition

Indian Journal of Animal Production

Indian Journal of Animal Research

Indian Journal of Applied Chemistry

Indian Journal of Applied Linguistics

Indian Journal of Applied Psychology

Indian Journal of Biological Sciences

Indian Journal of Botany

Indian Journal of Cancer

Indian Journal of Cancer Chemotherapy

Indian Journal of Chemical Technology

Indian Journal of Chest Diseases & Allied Sciences

Indian Journal of Commerce

Indian Journal of Comparative Animal Physiology

Indian Journal of Criminology

Indian Journal of Criminology & Criminalistics

Indian Journal of Dairy Science

Indian Journal of Dermetology, Venerology & Leprology

Indian Journal of Earth Sciences

Indian Journal of Ecology

Indian Journal of Economics

Indian Journal of Engg. & Material Sc.

Indian Journal of Entomology

Indian Journal of Environmental Health

Indian Journal of Environmental Protection

Indian Journal of Experimental Psychology

Indian Journal of Extension Education

Indian Journal of Farm Sciences

Indian Journal of Fisheries

Indian Journal of Forestry

Indian Journal of Genetics & Plant Breeding

Indian Journal of Helminthology

Indian Journal of Heredity

Indian Journal of Horticulture

Indian Journal of Indigenous (Veterinary) Medicine

Indian Journal of Industrial Relations

Indian Journal of International Law

Indian Journal of Labour Economics

Indian Journal of Linguistics

Indian Journal of Management & Systems

Indian Journal of Mathematics

Indian Journal of Mathematics Education

Indian Journal of Medical Research

Indian Journal of Medical Sciences

Indian Journal of Medicine and Surgery

Indian Journal of Microbial Ecology

Indian Journal of Microbiology

Indian Journal of Mycology & Plant Pathology

Indian Journal of Nematology

Indian Journal of Nuclear Medicine

Indian Journal of Nutrition & Dietetics

Indian Journal of Occupational &

Indian Journal of Otolaryngology

Indian Journal of Paediatrics

Indian Journal of Parasitology

Indian Journal of Pathology & Bacteriology ( Old Name )

Indian Journal of Pathology & Microbiology ( New Name)

Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education

Indian Journal of Pharmacy

Indian Journal of Physical & Natural Sciences

Indian Journal of Physical Anth. & Human Genetics

Indian Journal of Physics

Indian Journal of Physiology & Allied Sciences

Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology

Indian Journal of Plant Pathology

Indian Journal of Plant Physiology

Indian Journal of Plant Protection

Indian Journal of Political Science

Indian Journal of Politics

Indian Journal of Poultry Science

Indian Journal of Psychology

Indian Journal of Psychophysiology

Indian Journal of Public Administration

Indian Journal of Public Health

Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Mathematics

Indian Journal of Sericulture

Indian Journal of Small Ruminants

Indian Journal of Social Research

Indian Journal of Social Science

Indian Journal of Social Work

Indian Journal of Sociology

Indian Journal of Surgery

Indian Journal of Technical Education

Indian Journal of Theoretical Physics

Indian Journal of Training and Development

Indian Journal of Tuberculosis

Indian Journal of Urology

Indian Journal of Veterinary Anatomy

Indian Journal of Veterinary Medicine

Indian Journal of Veterinary Pathology

Indian Journal of Weed Science

Indian Journal of Zoology

Indian Journal of Zootomy

Indian Librarian

Indian Linguistics

Indian Management

Indian Manager

Indian Mountaineer

Indian National Bibliography

Indian Orchid Journal

Indian Pediatrics

Indian Philosophical Annual

Indian Phytopathology

Indian Political Science Review

Indian Press Index

Indian Psychological Review

Indian Recorder & Digest

Indian Review of Life Sciences

Indian Review of Management & Future

Indian Silk

Indian Society of Agricultural Economics

Indian Society of Engg. Geology

Indian Soc of Pulse Res. & Dev.

Indian Socio-Legal Journal

Indian Sociological Bull.(Now-Intl. Jnl. of Contempr. Socio.)

Indian Spices

Indian Sugar Crops Journal (Formerly - Can Growers Bull.)

Indian Veterinary Journal - Madras

Indian Veterinary Journal - Lucknow

Indian Veterinary Medical Journal

Indian Yearbook of International Affairs

Indo-Asian Culture


Industrial Engg. & Management

International Behavioral Scientist

International Information, Communication & Education

International Journal of Animal Sciences

International Journal of Applied Analysis

Intl. Jnl. of Contempr. Socio.(Form:-Ind. Sociological Bull.)

International Journal of Ecology & Environmental Sc.

International Journal of Mathematics & Math.scs

International Journal of Sociology of the Family

International Journal of Structures

International Journal of Tropical Agriculture

International Journal of Tropical Plant Diseases

International Librarian

International Library Movement

International Review of Modern Sociology

International Social Work

International Society of Tropical Ecology, Varanasi

International Studies

Iora : Jnl of Oriental Ornithology

Islam and the Modern Age

Islamic and Comparative Law Review

Islamic Culture

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JISSI-International Journal of Scientometrics

JNKVV Research Journal

Journal of Acarology

Journal of Accounting & Finance

Journal of the Acoustical Society of India

Journal of Advanced Zoology

Journal of the Aeronautical Society of India

Journal of Agri-Horticultural So India

Journal of Agricultural Engineering

Journal of All India Instt of Mental Health

Journal of Analysis

Journal of Animal Morphology and Physiology

Journal of Animal Health and Production

Journal of Anthropological Survey of India

Journal of Aphidology

Journal of Applied Hydrology

Journal of Applied Medicine

Journal of Applied Zoology

Journal of Aquaculture

Journal of Aquatic Biology

Journal of Arts and Ideas

Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bombay

Journal of Asson of Exploration Geophysics

Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy

Journal of the Bar Council of India (Now-Indian Bar Rev.)

Journal of Bengal Tuberculosis Association

Journal of the Bihar Research Society

Journal of Biological Control

Journal of Biological Sciences

Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society

Journal of Coffee Research

Journal of Combinatorics, Information & System Sc.

Journal of Communicable Diseases

Journal of the Computer Society of India

Journal of Constitutional & Parliamentary Studies

Journal of Current Biosciences

Journal of Cytology and Genetics

Journal of Discrete Math.Sciences & Cryptography

Journal of Eco-Physiology

Journal of Ecobiology

Journal of Ecological Society

Journal of Economic Texonomy & Botany

Journal of Ecotoxicology & Env. Moni.

Journal of Educational Research & Extension

Journal of Engineering Education

Journal of Engineering Geology

Journal of Entomological Research

Journal of Environmental &

Journal of Environmental Biology

Journal of Environmental Sciences

Journal of Experimental Zoology

Journal of Financial Mgmt & Analysis

Journal of Foreign Exch & International Finance

Journal of Freshwater Biology

Journal of Ganganath Jha Ken Sans Vid

Journal of Genetics

Journal of Geological Soc of India

Journal of Himalayan Studies and Regional Development

Journal of Indian Academy of Ecocardiography

Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Sciences

Journal of the Indian Academy of Geosciences

Journal of the Indian Academy of Numismatics & Sigillography

Journal of the Indian Anthropological Society

Journal of Indian Ass for Environ Mgmt

Journal of the Indian Botanical Society

Journal of Indian Chemical Society

Journal of the Indian Dental Association

Journal of Indian Education

Journal of Indian History

Journal of Indian Mathematical Society

Journal of the Indian Medical Association

Journal of the Indian Musicological Society

Journal of Indian Ocean Studies

Journal of Indian Potato Association

Journal of Indian School of Pol Economy

Journal of Indian Soc. for Nuclear Tech. in Agr. & Biology

Journal of Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics

Journal of Indian Society of Probability & Stat

Journal of the Indian Society of Soil Sciences

Journal of the Indian Statistical Association

Journal of Indian Textile History

Journal of Indian Writing in English

Journal of Industrial Pollution Control

Journal of Information & Optimization Sciences

Journal of the Inland Fisheries Society of India

Journal of Insect Science

Journal of the Institution of Chemists

Journal of the Instt of Electronics & Telecom. Engg.

Journal of Interdisciplinary Mathematics

Journal of Internal Medicine

Journal of Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Admn.

Journal of Library and Information Science

Journal of Maharashtra Agricultural University

Journal of Marine Biological Association of India

Journal of Marine Medical Society

Journal of Mathematical & Physical Sciences

Journal of Mathematical Sciences

Journal of Microbial Biotechnology

Journal of Mines, Metals & Fuels

Journal of the Musicological Society

Journal of National Academy of Maths

Journal of National Botanical Society (Formerly Bull. of the Bot. Soc. of Bengal)

Journal of Nature Conservation

Journal of Nuclear Agriculture &Biology

Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of India

Journal of Orchid Society of India

Journal of the Oriental Institute

Journal of Paleontological Soc of India

Journal of Palynology

Journal of Pathology and Microbiology

Journal of Peace Studies

Journal of Phytological Research

Journal of Plant Anatomy and Morphology

Journal of Plant Biology ( New Name )

Journal of Plant Physiology & Biochemistry (Old Name)

Journal of Plantation Crops

Journal of Psychological Research

Journal of Ramanujan Mathematical Soc

Journal of Rehabilitation in Asia

Journal of Research - HAU

Journal of Research in Indian Medicine, Yoga & Homeo.

Journal of Research - PAU, Ludhiana

Journal of Root Crops

Journal of Scientific Research - BHU

Journal of Scientific Research

Journal of Scientific Research in Plants & Medicines

Journal of Social Research

Journal of the Society of Experimental Agriculturists

Journal of Soil Biology & Ecology

Journal of Spices & Aromatic Crops

Journal of Statistics & Mgmt Systems

Journal of Structural Engg.

Journal of Swamy Botanical Club

Journal of Tree Sciences

Journal of Veterinary Parasitology

Journal of Visual Arts

Journal of Zoological Research

Journal of - Zoological Society of India

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Kerala Journal of Veterinary Science

Kisan World

KK Roy Group of Journals

Kurukshetra Law Journal

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Language Forum

Law Quarterly

Law Reports and Major Sets

Lectures on Mathematics (TIFR)

Lectures on Physics (TIFR)

Legal News and Views

Legume Research


Library Herald

Library Science with A Slant to Documentation

Life Sciences Advances

Lipika - A Journal of the Performing Arts

Livestock Adviser

Lok Udyog

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Madras Agricultural Journal

Madras Development Seminar Series

Madras Journal of Fisheries

Madras Medical Journal


Man in India

Man-Made Textiles in India (Form- Silk & Rayon Ind of India)

Management Abstracts

Management in Government

Management Information Service

Managerial Psychology

Manpower Journal


Mass Journal of Islamic Science

Mathematical Pamphlets (TIFR)

Mathematics Education (The)

Mathematics Teacher (The)

Mathematika Sciences

Matscience Reports


Measures and Control

Medical & Life Sciences Engineering

Medicinal & Aromatic Plants Abstracts

Mendel - Journal of Life Sciences

Metalworking Abstracts

Metalworking Bulletin

Modern Library Review

Monthly Public Opinion Survey

Mosaic - Journal of Comp Study of International

Mysore Journal of Agricultural Sciences

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National Geographer

National Geographical Journal of India

National Service Journal


New Frontiers in Education

North-Eastern Spectrum

Nucleus (The)

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Oikoassay - International Journal of Environmental Sc.

ONGC Bulletin



Oriental Archives of Ophthalmology

Oriental Insects

Oriental Journal of Chemistry


OUAT Journal of Research

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Palaeobotanist (The)

Plant Science

Panjab Past & Present (The)

Pantnagar Journal of Research

Pantnagar Veterinarian (The)

Pavo - the Indian Journal of Ornithology

Perspectives in Education

Pest Mgmt in Horticultural Ecosys


Pesticides Information

Pesticides Research Journal

Pesticides World






PKV Research Journal (the) (Punjabrao Krishi Vidyapeeth)

Plant Biochemical Journal (The) (Now -Jnl of Plant Biology )

Plant Disease Research

Plant Genetics & Breeding Review

Planter's Chronicle

Political Science Review

Pollution Research

Poultry Adviser

Prajna - Journal of Sardar Patel Uni

Pramana - A Journal of Physics


Proc of the Clinical Society for Cont. Edu of Pediatricians

Proc of Indian Academy of Sciences

Proc of Indian History Congress

Proc of Indian Soc of Theoretical & Applied Mechanics

Proc of the INSA

Proc of the Institution of Chemists

Proc of National Academy of Sciences

Proc of Zoological Society


Productivity News

Progress of Mathematics

Progress in Geophysics

Progressive Horticulture

PRP Journal of Human Rights

PU Management Review

Punjab Horticulture Journal (The)

Pure & Applied Mathematika Sciences

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Quarterly Journal of Local Self-Govt.

Quarterly Journal of Surgical Sciences

Quarterly Journal of Technology

Quarterly Review of Historical Studies


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Rajasthan Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Range Management & Agroforestry

Recent Researches in Geology

Regional Journal of Energy, Heat & Mass Transfer

Religion and Society

Research Bulletin - Anthropology, Delhi

Research Bulletin Anthropology, Lucknow

Research Bulletin - Deptt of Botany, Calcutta

Res. Bull. of National Instt of Mental Health & Neuroscience

Research Bulletin of the Punjab Uni. (Science)

Reserve Bank of India Bulletin


Rodent Seminar, Ahmedabad

Roop Lekha

Rose News

Rubber India

Rural Development Digest

Rural Systems

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Salt Research & Industry



Science & Culture

Seed Research

Seed Technical News


Seminar Reporteur

Sendoc Bulletin : 1 - Industry & Technology

Sendoc Bulletin : 2 - Economics & Development

Sendoc Bulletin : 3 - Mgt. & Behavioural Sc.

Silk & Rayon Ind of India (Now-Man-Made Textls in India)

Siscom Journal

Social Action

Social Change

Social Scientist

Society & Culture

Sociological Bulletin

Soil Conservation Digest

South Asian Anthropologist

South Indian Churchman

South Indian Horticulture

Spice India

Studies in History

Studies in Islam

Sustainable Development

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TAU - Review on Franciscanisme

Technical Digest of NEERI


Textile Dyer and Printer

Textile Industry

Thesis Abstracts

Tibet Journal (The)

Tourism Recreation Research


Transactions of the All India Instt of Mental Health

Trans.of the Indian Asson. For Prod., Quality & Reliability

Transactions of the Indian Society of Desert Tech.

Trans. of Society for Advance. of Electrochem. Sc. & Tech.

Tropical Ecology

Tropical Gastroenterology

Tropical Plant Science Research

Tropical Veterinary Practitioner

Tropical Veterinary & Animal Science Research

Two and A Bud

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Ultra Scientist of Physical Scs.

Ultrasound International

UP Journal of Zoology


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Van Vigyan


Vegetable Science

Vikalp - the Journal for Decision Makers

Vishwa International Journal of Graph Theory

Visual Anthropology Bulletin

Voices From The Third World

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Women's Link

Wool & Wollen

World Affairs

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Misc. Journals

IETE - Journal of Research (Ph.: 24658211)

India Green File

Indian Arecanut, Spices & Cocoa Journal(1994-97)

Indian Development Review

Indian Foundry Journal

Indian Journal of Animal Health

Indian Journal of Animal Reproduction

Indian Journal of Arecanut, Spices & Medicinal Plnt

Indian Journal of Biodiversity

Indian Journal of Computing Technology

Indian Journal of Economics & Business

Indian Journal of Finance & Research

Indian Journal of Geology

Indian Journal of Human Rights

Indian Journal of Information Science and Technology

Indian Journal of Open Learning

Indian Journal of Social Development

Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge

Indian Journal of Veterinary Surgery

Indian Philosophical Quarterly

Indian Railway

Indian Theological Studies

International Journal of Applied Business & Economic Res.

International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics

International Journal of Development Banking

International Journal of Development Planning Literature

International Journal of Regulation & Governance

Irrigation and Drainage

Ishvani Documents and Mission Digest

Journal of Agrometeriology

Journal of Banking Information Technology & Management

Journal of Cotton Research & Development

Journal of Camel Practice & Research

Journal of Cytology

Journal of Dharma

Journal of the Henry Martyn Institute

Journal of the Indian Archeological Society

Journal of the Instt. of Constitutional & Parliamentary Studies

Journal of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants

Journal of Natural & Physical Sciences

Journal of Oilseeds Research

Journal of Oriental Institute

Journal of Plant Protection and Environment

Journal of Polymer Materials

Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology

Journal of Ravishankar University

Journal of Social and Economic Studies

Journal of Tensor Society of India

Journal of Timber Development Association of India

Journal of Tropical Agriculture

Kala - Jrnl of Indian Art History Congress

Little Magazine (The)

Man & Developent

Man & Environment

Manav (Hindi)


Masihi Sevak

Memoirs of The Archaeological Survey of India

Mission Today

Mushroom Science

National Council of Churches Review

Natural Product Radiance

Oriental Anthropologist (The)



Religion and Law Review

Religion and Society

Research Journal in Applied Sciences

Resources, Energy and Development

Sangeet Natak

Seaweed Research and Utilisation


South Asia Green File

South East Asian Review

Studies in Church Law

Studies on Islam


USI Journal


Vishveshvaranand Indological Journal

Weed News

Word & Worship

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